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Pnei Mitzvah 

Why “pnei” (faces of) rather than “bnei” (sons of) mitzvah? Because our students asked us for a non-gendered title for our program. Meaning this program is for everyone! 

Participants from 10 – 16 years are welcome, and the program is flexible to adapt to the needs of each cohort of participants.

Our Pnei Mitzvah is right for you if you want: 

  • An inclusive, non-dogmatic, secular approach to Judaism.


  •  An intellectually rich education that focuses on Hebrew, Israel, Holidays, and Bible stories, alongside teaches Jewish history, ethics, literature, culture, music, and art as well.


  • A place for family practicing more than one faith or is not religious.


  • You identify as a “cultural Jew.”


  • An open-minded and welcoming learning environment.

  • Your child is not interested in Synagogue life.


  •  Torah and prayer are not the primary way your child connects to Judaism


  • A place to let children find their own way into Jewish tradition and history, not have that way chosen for them.


Peretz offers a secular approach to Jewish culture which emphasizes the humanist, progressive and universalist aspects of our heritage. We focus on history, language, literature, art, music and dance, and ethics. Parents are encouraged to be part of their child’s education at Peretz. Assignments to be done during the two weeks between classes often involve parent discussion or assistance; the year is dotted with holiday celebrations for the whole family to participate in. The Pnei Mitzvah graduation ceremony is planned and organized cooperatively by the parents. In the past years this has been a wonderful opportunity for community building, new friendships, and celebration of the always incredible growth that the students have undergone

Registration for our Fall 2023 cohort will begin in May. 


We will have a Vancouver in person cohort and a province wide online cohort.  

Check back here for details of fill out the form below for additional information 

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Hannukah at Home

What parents say:

"This program really helped sow the seeds of Jewish identity for my daughter that she did not have before"

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